Andrew Dushane: User Interface Developer

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GitHub Reporter

GitHub Reporter Screenshot

Export GitHub issues to a configurable CSV.

Log in with your GitHub account, then click on a repo to export its issues to CSV. Customize date format, search filters, column headings and more.

React/Redux/Material UI interface
Node.js/Express/Mongo DB API

Try it out (allow ~15 seconds for the server to wake up)

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Simply News

Simply News screenshot

Simply read the news.

Get the top headlines and read the news with an intuitive interface that makes it fast and easy to stay up-to-date.

React/Redux/Redux Saga/React Bootstrap interface
Node.js/Express API

Read the news (allow ~15 seconds for the server to wake up)

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Bash for Beginners

Six Degrees of Cinema screenshot

Learn basic linux bash shell commands in this browser-based tutorial prototype. Planning expansion with more robust input handling.

Made with HTML5, CSS3 and vanilla Javascript

Learn some commands

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Six Degrees of Cinema

Six Degrees of Cinema screenshot

Six Degrees of Cinema is a fun and simple (though pretty difficult) movie trivia game.

Utilizes Javascript, jQuery and the OMDB API. Upcoming updates will make easy mode easier.

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